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Weird and Wacky Inventions

Students from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program display their weird and wacky inventions. Lets have a look. Fancy a pair of tree-stump boots that creak and groan? Or how about a computer made out of mud? Not your thing? Then try the pheromone-emitting seduction ring....

Management, " Arts or Science "

"Ants aren't smart," Gordon says. "Ant colonies are." A colony can solve problems unthinkable for individual ants, such as finding the shortest path to the best food source, allocating workers to different tasks, or defending a territory from neighbors. As individuals, ants might be tiny dummies, but as colonies they respond quickly and effectively to their environment. They do it with something called swarm...

Source: Ramification

Yahoo answersdo our pheromones still attract the opposite sex these days?

  • Biology

    Most pheromone products are not bogus. Although there are a few that are total scams and a couple of those are very aggresively marketed. Basically, anything sold by Androtics Direct or Love...

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    To send a group of Worker ants out to collect food, create a pheromone trail from the hill to the meal. Once you've created a trail, tap on the worker ant icon to send Upgrades make each type of ant stronger. For example, you can upgrade the

  • How the Aggies Won and Won My Heart: Falling in love … with winning

    And with every game the Aggies looked a little stronger, a little more confident. It's probably no secret the game for the Farmers. Manziel's winning pheromones wooed the media from game one, but Sumlin doesn't let freshman players cavort with

  • What ants, termites and bees can teach us about traffic control

    In the animal world the eusocial insects (ants, bees, wasps and termites) are the masters of this behavior. When ants forage, they lay down pheromone trails as they bring back food. Each searching individual then follows the strongest (most traveled

  • Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early November

    With a communications unit for holographic interaction, we do what we do best: talk behind our aliases as we ensure the natural hum and shiver of the machines around us. For a loner, this is The proximity of her pheromones did not help. What

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    This empowers them with designer traits that can be used to make stronger and deadlier strains of Zerg units. This process is driven by "psionic" directives from the Overmind, a collective consciousness that controls the Zerg swarm. While not

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